Hi There!

My name is Natalie. I'm a Software Engineer. Currently working in the Infrastructure Team at Reddit in San Francisco.

Where part of my job includes building and automating various tools that help our development team be more productive and happy.

Occasionally I blog or speak at the conferences. The main reason that I write, both blog posts and open source software, is to learn.

You put your ideas and opinions out there, in the open, and give the opportunity for people to criticize you.

In my spare time, I like to hike or camp with my aussiedoodle Chai, bake cakes and, as I mentioned above, blog

Thank you for stopping by :)

Talks and Conferences

Deploying Python3 application to Kubernetes with Envoy PyBay
Build secure and reliable continuous delivery deployment for python microservices PyCon
IWD San Francisco Conference Memeber of Organizing Committee & Volunteer Coordinator

Continuous Deployment with Python (automated software delivery) PyBay
Dockerized Web Applications and Cloud Hosting with Python ACT-W Portland

Packaging and Distributing Python Projects PyLadies-SF


Setting up Jenkins to execute interactive tests using Python subprocess
Getting Serious about Testing. Part 1: Writing Integration Tests

Some staff about me: